October 15, 2021
YouTube positive video content investment

YouTube Announces $5 Million Creators for Change Investment into ‘Positive’ Video Content

A new $5 million YouTube positive video content investment will go to Creators for Change, intended to help rehabilitate the company’s damaged reputation…

YouTube is certainly no stranger to controversy. The popular video hosting platform today announced a $5 million investment in its Creators for Change initiative.

“Since launching YouTube Creators for Change in September 2016, we’ve partnered with 39 inspiring creators from around the world, helping amplify their voices to counter hate and promote tolerance. Over the last year they’ve released dozens of thought-provoking videos that show the power of video to encourage empathy and understanding around the world.”

$5 Million YouTube Positive Video Content Investment Announced

The move comes on the heels of different controversies. It’s part of an ongoing effort to clean up the platform. For example, the company employed a redirect method to combat terrorism in July of last year. In August, the video hosting site introduced AI technology to hunt down extremist content. Then, in December of last year, the company added 100,000 human moderators to police video uploads.

All of this, in response to a pull back by advertisers. However, other missteps occurred. For instance, PewDiePie uploaded a video containing racial slurs. Another YouTube star, Logan Paul, also crossed the line, uploading a video containing the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan.

Now, this investment will come in the form of grants to promote the creation of positive video content. Content that will inspire, as well as shine a light on tough issues.

“We will engage more creators in the program, arm the wider YouTube community with new tools and education on how to create change, and empower more young people to use their voices to encourage positive social messages,” Juniper Downs, Head of YouTube Public Policy, wrote.

The company states it will announce its recipients of the grants in the coming months.