September 15, 2021
Google antitrust investigation announced

50 Attorney Generals in the US Announce Antitrust Investigation into Google

Fifty attorney generals in the United States have begun an initial investigation into Google over antitrust violation allegations…

Last week, news reports surfaced, claiming an impending investigation into Google over alleged antitrust violations. Now, fifty attorney generals have revealed a state-led inquiry into Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

50 US Attorney Generals Reveal Google Antitrust Investigation

Forty-eight states, along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have joined forces. 

The antitrust inquiry follows a 2013 FTC investigation that did not result in any action against the company.

Meanwhile, European governments have conducted their own legal inquiries. These ultimately resulted in gigantic fines and substantial product changes. Said actions included $2.7 billion for the company’s Shopping services, $5 billion over Android, and $1.69 billion in regard to AdSense.

Facebook and Amazon are likewise in similar positions, with the Federal Trade Commission taking the lead. (The Department of Justice agreed to let the FTC look into Facebook and Amazon, while it pursues Google.

“On August 30, 2019, Alphabet received a civil investigative demand from the DOJ requesting information and documents relating to our prior antitrust investigations in the United States and elsewhere. We expect to receive in the future similar investigative demands from state attorneys general. We continue to cooperate with the DOJ, federal and state regulators in the United States, and other regulators around the world.”

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