June 23, 2022
60 million LinkedIn members data leaked

Security Firm Discovers 60 Million LinkedIn Members Data Leaked Online

60 million LinkedIn members data leaked online, a security researcher finds, with the information residing on unsecured servers…

Researcher Sanyam Jain at GDI foundation has identified 8 unsecured databases containing about 60 million records of LinkedIn users.

60 Million LinkedIn Members Data Leaked, Security Firm Discovers

The majority of the data was publicly available, also reported to include the email addresses of affected LinkedIn members. 

Furthermore, the information contains some internal data, which pertains to subscription identifiers, strongly suggesting a data breach.

Leaked data likewise includes public profile information, IDs, profile URLs, work history, education, location, skills listed, other social media profiles, and the date of the last profile update.

In all, the archives contain nearly 230 GB of data, with each individual file ranging from 25 GB to 32 GB of data.

Oddly, some users claim to have set their privacy settings to prohibit displaying personal details publicly.

Head of Trust & Safety at LinkedIn, Paul Rockwell, tells Bleeping Computer the databases in question do not belong to LinkedIn or Microsoft, which owns the professional networking site. But, did confirm the company is aware of certain third-party databases which contain scraped LinkedIn data.

The owner of the database remains unknown and the information leaked is no longer accessible online.

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