January 14, 2022
Android malware warning

Google Issues an Android Malware Warning to 8 Million Play Store Users

Google has warned eight million Android users of a malware threat, found in forty-two apps which previously resided in the Play Store…

The Google Play Store undoubtedly has a problem with problematic apps finding their way into the space. Recently, researchers at ESET uncovered a year-long campaign which racked-up 8 million installations of 42 apps containing adware.

8 Million Google Play Store Users Warned about more Android Malware

Google has already removed half of said apps prior to ESET reporting their findings. Since then, all of the suspect apps have been taken down from the Play Store. However, the malicious programs still remain available in third-party sites.

These apps avoid detection by Google through a clever system, which hides their true purpose when tested. Plus, the apps deliver the functionality promised. For instance, video downloading, gaming, and radio play.

Independent security researcher Sean Wright tells Forbes:

“Google has a team of researchers Project Zero, who scrutinize other apps and services. Perhaps Google should now start to look at scrutinizing its own Play Store given the sheer volume of malicious apps which have been identified in it–most often via organizations outside of Google. They are a large company so it’s likely that they have the resources to tackle this.”

affected Android adware apps
Credit: ESET / Google

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