June 23, 2022
A Dozen States Reportedly to Join DOJ Antitrust Case against Google

Twelve States will Possibly Join the DOJ’s Antitrust Case against Google

The US Department of Justice could present an anti-competitive case against Google and it could be joined by a dozen states…

Reports of the US Department of Justice readying antitrust action against Google date back to at least May. Prior to that, fifty state Attorney Generals announced an antitrust investigation into the search giant. Now, fresh reports state that the DOJ might be joined by at least one dozen states. 

A Dozen States to Reportedly Join DOJ Antitrust Case against Google

Since monopolies inherently dominate industries and destroy competition and innovation, these forms of businesses are illegal. Attorney Generals of about twelve states are reportedly gearing up for antitrust legal actions against the corporation. This, because when a company name becomes a verb in the everyday lexicon, it is probably a candidate for big time legal trouble.

The states have different reasons for signing onto the lawsuit against Google. So, there isn’t a single motive behind taking action against the company. Regardless, if even a few of the states come aboard, it could represent one of the largest antitrust actions since the landmark case against Microsoft way back in 1998. That particular case involved eighteen states, along with the federal government. It resulted in a substantial change into how Microsoft conducted its business practices.

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