December 2, 2021
Adobe Launches Photoshop and Illustrator Web Interface

Yes, it’s True, Adobe has Released Basic Web Versions of Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe has finally taken the steps to bring its wildly popular Photoshop and Illustrator media editing suites to the web but in a limited capacity…

Adobe recently announced that the company has taken “a major step forward for collaboration” by bringing Photoshop and Illustrator apps to the web. Before anyone gets too excited, no it’s not a full-out media editing suite. Instead, its main purpose is to allow collaborators to open and view work from a browser to comment and give feedback — something akin to Google Docs.

Adobe Launches Photoshop and Illustrator Web Interface

The new Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator web apps do support some level of editing. But, the scope is very limited, only allowing “minor tweaks and quick edits.” Otherwise, it’s necessary to have the full Illustrator and Photoshop apps. What’s possible on the web versions is options like selection, minor color correction, and more. So, not many alterations are supported, but enough make a few changes.

Current Adobe Photoshop and Illustrators users can start sharing media via the web just by updating to the latest versions of the full apps. Or, sign up for Photoshop beta within Creative Cloud app, or as a private beta for Illustrator. It’s also possible to request access for the latter here.

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