September 10, 2021
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Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editing App coming to Android

Adobe Premiere Rush, a video editing tool, has already appeared with support for several platforms and now, it’s coming to Android…

Near the end of last year, Adobe released Premiere Rush, a video editing suite. (It was essentially a stripped down version of Premiere Pro and Audition tools for professional video editors.)

Upon roll out, it came to iOS, macOS, and Windows. Now, Adobe is bringing it to Android.

Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editing App coming to Android

The new Adobe Premiere Rush video editing app for Android comes with a catch. It will only run on newer phone models, including the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10 series, Google’s Pixel 2 and 3 phones, and the OnePlus 6T.

Basically, the idea is to give creators on-the-go options, sacrificing flexibility for efficiency. In other words, it does much the same things as its bigger version but not all. And, since it’s mobile based, the tool is easier to use on a small screen.

Adobe Premiere Rush is available to try, with limits, of course. To gain full access, users will need to sign up for Creative Cloud or purchase a $9.99 per month plan for individuals. Team and enterprise accounts run $19.99 per month and $29.99 per month respectively.

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