November 26, 2021
Adobe Previews its New AI-Powered 'Sky Replacement' Photoshop Tool

Adobe Now Sports a Super-Cool AI-Backed ‘Sky Replacement’ Tool for Photoshop

Adobe has unveiled its neat new artificial intelligence feature, called ‘Sky Replacement,’ that does precisely what the name suggests…

Photoshop is about to get a lot more sophisticated when it comes to beautifying skies. (Something that’s problematic for creatives.) Adobe, one of the leading providers for photographers and others, knows this very well. So much that it’s been pouring a huge amount of resources into a new artificial intelligence tool called “Sky Replacement.” Scheduled to arrive soon, the feature makes it a cinch to replace drab skies with more strikingly dramatic backgrounds.

Adobe Previews its New AI-Powered ‘Sky Replacement’ Photoshop Tool

When released, Photoshop users will see a menu of pre-loaded options. (Users can also opt to upload their own files.) People can expand thumbnail previews, as well as see the file names and dimensions, too. Of course, Adobe’s powerful AI will do most of the work, blending the foreground to seamlessly match the sky. Plus, it will likewise adjust the brightness levels, along with the contrast amounts, and shadows to blend.

Other Sensei AI tricks include smoothing out blemishes and makes object selection a lot easier. Users will get more information about Sky Replacement and Sensei-based tools at the next free, virtual Adobe Max beginning on October 20th.

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