April 7, 2021
Adobe to Prompt Users to Uninstall Flash by the End of 2020

Adobe will Start Telling Users to Uninstall its Flash Program by the End of this Year

Adobe will proactively inform users to uninstall its Flash plugin through a new prompt that will begin appearing sometime later this year…

It’s certainly no secret that Adobe is killing off its Flash web plugin. In fact, we already know its precise EoL or end of life date — Thursday, December 31st 2020. But, just in case some people haven’t heard, the company will start to direct users to uninstall the program at some point later on this year.

Adobe to Prompt Users to Uninstall Flash by the End of 2020

Within perhaps a few months, users will not only be told to remove the Flash plugin, but Adobe will also cease offering downloads. So, there’s no way around it. Even if someone ignores the prompt, that will only work for a short period of time. That’s because Adobe will start blocking Flash content normally running in the player starting in 2021.

Although the Adobe Flash Player was once immensely popular in the web development community, it was always a security nightmare. (It likewise presented a very problematic system resource draining problem.) As other technologies came along — such as the widely adopted HTML 5 — Adobe eventually decided to wind down support for its previously ubiquitous plugin in 2017.

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