September 30, 2022
Age-Restricted YouTube Video Third-Party Site Playback Disabled by Google

Google just Disabled Playback for Age-Restricted YouTube Videos on Third-Party Sites

YouTube videos that are age-restricted and embedded on third-party sites will no longer play, after a recent change by Google…

Google has announced via its official YouTube blog that it will no longer allow playback of age-restricted videos embedded on third-party sites. The company explains that “This will help ensure that, no matter where a video is discovered, it will only be viewable by the appropriate audience.” In other words, kids can’t view videos that aren’t age-appropriate, even if they appear on sites outside of YouTube.

Age-Restricted YouTube Video Third-Party Site Playback Disabled by Google

Google made the change in order to better protect young viewers from content they shouldn’t be watching. While there’s an age-restriction already in-place on YouTube proper and its flagship mobile apps — including YouTube Kids — one way around the restriction was to place the content on a third-party website. Now, that workaround won’t be available any longer.

When children happen upon an age-restricted YouTube video that’s been placed on a third-party site, it won’t roll. Instead, it will automatically redirect to the YouTube website or to the company’s mobile apps. Additionally, Google says it is expanding its current age-verification in the European Union to comply with the new Audiovisual Media Services Directive regulation.

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