August 4, 2021
ai powered site generates fake faces

Is it Actually Possible to Tell which of These People aren’t Real?

These AI generated fake faces are the work of open source algorithm and a software engineer and they all look totally really…

Take a long look at the faces above again and try to identify which are real and which are completely made up by computer software. It’s not easy. Okay, so it’s a trick question. Not one of the people in the collage above are real — not one.

AI-Powered Site Generates Endless Fake Faces

The faces come courtesy of Philip Wang, a software engineer, and an open source algorithm. A system known as a “generative adversarial network” or GAN, is behind a site Wang created called (Give it a try, it’s mindblowing.)

Researcher Ian Goodfellow originally created the tech to make this possible. Nvidia tweaked the algorithm, calling it StyleGAN, and took it open source.

The AI system can theoretically do more than just generate random fake human faces. It might also be able to mimic any source. In fact, some researchers are already in the midst of working with other things, such as fonts, graffiti, and even anime characters.

On the one hand, this goes to show just how powerful computer technology has indeed become. But, in the wrong hands, it could easy wreak havoc.

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