June 22, 2022
ThisCatDoesNotExist dot com

This Site Generates Hauntingly Bad AI Cat Faces People just Can’t Unsee

ThisCatDoesNotExist.com is an AI-powered site which ostensibly generates fake cat faces but the images are nothing less than horrifying…

Just a week ago, a site called “This Person Does Not Exist.com” hit the news cycle. It renders endless fake human faces with every refresh. And, it’s practically impossible to tell the images aren’t actually real people.

Now, another site using the same technology constructs cat faces. But, the results are downright terrible.

AI Powered Site Generates Really Bad, Fake Cat Faces

Software engineer Philip Wang used an open source algorithm to create ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com. It’s known as a “generative adversarial network” or GAN. Judging by the human doppelganger example, one would conclude AI technology is nothing short of impressive:

ai powered site generates fake faces
Credit: This Person Does Not Exist.com

But, this single example collection taken from ThisCatDoesNotExist.com certainly disproves that notion, altogether:

Credit: The Next Web

The differences are remarkable and unsettling. Give it a try and compare the undeniable differences.

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