September 17, 2022
Alexa Auto offline capabilities

Amazon Releases a New Version of Alex Auto, which Works Offline in Tunnels and Parking Garages

Amazon has released the latest version of Alexa Auto, which now includes some new and helpful offline features for drivers…

It’s great to drive around with an Alexa-enabled vehicle. The technology allows people to check weather conditions, order groceries, and more. But, all the function stops or slows under tunnels and inside parking garages. So, Amazon is fixing that deficiency with version 2.0 of Alexa Auto SDK.

Alexa Auto Adds Offline Capabilities that Function inside Tunnels as well as Parking Garages

With the most recent release, users can ask Alexa to switch on the air conditioning, tune to a specific radio station, and make a call. All of which will work when connectivity is either intermittent or just out-of-range.

It relies on a “Local Voice Control,” an extension that give auto manufacturers to include a scaled-down version of the Alexa cloud service with their vehicles’ infotainment systems.

The tech works like a backup that efficiently increases the reliability of Alexa’s cloud capabilities.

Amazon unveiled its Alexa Auto SDK last year. Audi, BMW, and Toyota have used Alexa in their infotainment systems. Meanwhile, GM announced it would integrate Google Assistant into Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles.

Automakers are increasingly embracing these technologies as consumer demand and loyalty drive purchases. In fact, a full 76 percent of respondents in a JD Power study reported wanting the same brand of voice service in their vehicles as they have at home in their next auto purchases.

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