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Facebook Tells Messenger Game Devs: Keep All the Money

Android Facebook Messenger Instant Games

Credit: Facebook

Developers for Android Facebook Messenger Instant Games will no longer have to give up 30 percent of purchase earnings to the social network…

Facebook has announced it will no longer take a sizeable cut of game purchases through Android devices. The social corporation is making the move due to the fact that rival Google already requires a large amount from developers.

All Android Facebook Messenger Instant Games In-App Purchase Revenue Now goes to Developers

For those unfamiliar, mobile game developers create their leisure products and place them in the Google Play Store and on the Apple Store. When people make in-app purchases through services like Messenger, both the store and the service receive a cut. Google charges 30 percent and thereafter, Facebook would take 30 percent from the amount left over. Now, the social site will no longer continue this practice:

“As part of our continued commitment to helping developer partners scale their games profitably, we are increasing your rev share for games on Android. Developers will retain the full amount of Android [in-app purchase] revenue after deductions from Google, and this is effective starting August 1st.”

Of course, two bites at the same apple make for a significantly smaller portion for the developer who created the game in the first place. Which means low incentive to keep building games. Hence, users spending less time on the social platform.

However, it’s not all good news. Facebook states it will keep revenue from in-app purchases on the web version of Messenger.

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