May 22, 2022
All Twitter Web Users can Now Soft Block any Follower

ICYMI: Twitter On the Web Now Supports Soft Blocking for All Users

Twitter is making a new feature for its web client available to anyone — soft blocking — after extensively testing the tool last month…

Twitter is now giving everyone the power to place a ‘soft block’ on someone else via its desktop web interface. It serves as an alternative to outright blocking other people, an action in which the person blocked was made aware. Now, it’s possible to put a little distance between one party and another, and the follower soft blocked won’t be notified of the change.

All Twitter Web Users can Now Soft Block any Follower

Twitter’s soft block is different because it allows the person to still see the blocker’s tweets and even to send direct messages. But, the party blocked won’t see the blocker’s tweets on the blocker’s feed. It’s also not a permanent change. The removed follower can opt to follow the blocker again if desired. However, this might not even happen, given the person isn’t alerted.

To soft block a follower, head to an active profile, click followers, click the three-dot menu next to a follower, and then click the option labeled “Remove this follower.” That’s it. The person won’t be notified and it will give the blocker a little relief from someone who has become annoying.

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