July 4, 2022
Alternative Ad-Supported HBO Max Plan to Cost $10 per Month

HBO Max’s Upcoming Ad-Supported Plan will Debut in June at $10 per Month

HBO Max recently revealed its plans to offer a less expensive alternative to its flagship streaming, which will go live in June and cost $10…

HBO Max’s soon-to-roll out ad-supported alternative platform will indeed cost just shy of $10 per month, parent company AT&T has announced via Twitter. It’s quite similar to its predecessor, offering access to the platform’s full content library, as expected. However, also as predicted, it will not include access to premiers that debut in the theater and on HBO Max. Instead, subscribers will have to wait at least 30 days to stream premiers.

Alternative Ad-Supported HBO Max Plan to Cost $10 per Month

Currently, HBO Max proper runs $15 per month (plus applicable taxes). So, this is just a buck more expensive than Netflix’s basic plan and $4 more than Hulu’s cheapest service. It’s also more competitive with Disney+, which now costs $8 per month — after a recent price hike. Although, the new streaming platform will include ads, which might make its more expensive alternative worthwhile.

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