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Amazon Quietly Equips Alexa to Interact with iOS Devices via Text

Amazon Adds Text Support for Alexa on iOS

Credit: AConnectedHome

Amazon has brought text support for Alexa with iOS, but it’s only available through public preview, so interactions might be a bit buggy…

Sometime last week, Amazon added a new trick to Alexa — the ability to take commands via text through iOS devices. So, rather than having to speak instructions, iOS users can just type what they want. It’s ideal for situations where talking out loud isn’t appropriate. Or, when people just don’t feel like speaking. But, there’s a catch, of course. It’s only available in a “public preview,” meaning it probably isn’t bug-free.

Amazon Adds Text Support for Alexa on iOS

The new Amazon Alexa iOS text support is accessible by tapping on the Alexa button within the mobile application. Hitting it will trigger a keyboard to appear, complete with a chat window. However, since it’s in a kind of beta release, its appearance and/or capable functions will or might change before it’s ready for official, wide distribution. Until that time, it’s worth a try to perform various functions.

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other tech companies have invested a lot of time and resources into voice controlled assistants. But, speaking commands isn’t always the best way to go, particularly when the digital assistants fail to understand what’s being said and/or do not recognize a user’s intent. This will help to bridge that gap.

Credit: Amazon
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