October 3, 2022
Amazon Alexa Residential Lets Property Managers Add Smart Devices to Rentals

Amazon is Creating Smart Homes for Renters with this New Program

Amazon is making it easier to turn rental properties into smart homes with its new Alexa for Residential program…

E-commerce site Amazon is trying to make it easier to live in a smart home without having to own a house. The company recently unveiled its “Alexa for Residential” program that gives property managers the option to add Alexa-enabled devices and experiences to rental spaces. With it, landlords can install smart devices, then pre-fill info (such as device name, address and WiFi network, pre-enabled skills) to control lights, appliances, and more.

Amazon Alexa Residential Lets Property Managers Add Smart Devices to Rentals

Rental properties participating in the Alex for Residential program will also allow residents to connect their personal accounts and devices alike. Amazon says that studies show that 84 percent of renters want spaces with smart home amenities, and 61 percent would pay a monthly fee for a voice assistant. Whether or not renters will actually take advantage of the program remains to be seen.

Amazon states that it will not give access to Alexa recordings to property staff and management. Though, given the online retailer’s track record for privacy, that might not be enough of an assurance. Still, it demonstrates the growing popularity of smart home technology.

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