November 2, 2022
Amazon Alexa's AI Latent Goals Improves on Interpreting Users' Intentions

Amazon’s Alexa is Getting Better at Understanding Users’ Intentions when They Ask Questions

Amazon’s Alexa is improving on its ability to guess what users’ intentions are by better contextualizing their queries to suggest further actions…

Conversations with Alexa might not be as stilted or frustrating as they are now (or once were). Amazon introduced its natural conversation feature back in September and now the company says that devices can infer users’ “latent goals,” based on the question(s) being asked. In other words, the device will attempt to identify what users’ intentions are, based on the queries they speak.

Amazon Alexa’s AI Latent Goals Improves on Interpreting Users’ Intentions

It’s a highly-technical process, involving artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning models. The result is being able to better understand context. For example, if someone asks “What time do the Kansas City Chiefs play this week?” Ideally, the system would answer with the upcoming game day and time. Plus, it would also suggest setting a reminder or turning on a DVR to record.

Amazon isn’t the only company working on such improvements. Google continues to work on Google Assistant’s capabilities to understand context and intentions. Right now, asking follow up questions is part of the process. For instance, asking “Hey Google, when was Justice League released in theaters?” After answering “November 15th, 2017,” Assistant would then be able to answer the follow up question, “Is there a sequel?” without having to ask a more specific question like “Is there a sequel to the Justice League movie?”

Amazon states the new Alexa improvements are now available to device owners in the United States.

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