October 2, 2022
Amazon Contract Delivery Drivers are Hanging Phones in Trees to Accept more Packages

Amazon Flex Drivers are Now Hanging Phones in Trees in Order to Get more Paying Delivery Jobs

Amazon Flex contractors are resorting to an unusual but effective exploit to get more paying delivery gigs — hanging phones in trees…

Contract drivers for Amazon have found an odd but clever way of gaming the system. They are hanging phones in trees. This, at a time when people are becoming more desperate for work and home delivery demand is at an all time high. The jig basically manipulates Amazon’s network so Flex drivers participating in the scheme get more deliveries and hence, earn more money.

Amazon Contract Delivery Drivers are Hanging Phones in Trees to Accept more Packages

Like Uber, Amazon Flex relies on contractors who make deliveries using their own vehicles. Amazon’s dispatch system detects which contractors are closest to pickup locations and subsequently sends alerts to their phones when packages are ready for delivery. Since competition is fierce and those jobs disappear fast, drivers who are the quickest to respond gain an advantage.

Apparently, some contract drivers understand this and have started hanging phones in trees outside of Whole Foods stores and Amazon delivery stations. Then, they sync their phones to the devices in the trees. Amazon’s dispatch system is fooled, and as a result, sends notifications to their phones, even if they are further away than other drivers. However, it probably won’t last long as Amazon is reportedly aware of the gimmick and is investigating the matter

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