September 17, 2022
Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit Formed to Tackle its Fake Goods Problem

Amazon just Created a New Unit to Identify Fake Goods because Counterfeits are a Huge Problem

Amazon knows it has a problem with bogus goods being sold on its shopping platform and now, the e-commerce giant is taking a more proactive approach…

It’s no secret that Amazon has been wrestling with a huge counterfeit problem for a number of years. It’s so big, the company reportedly committed to work more closely with law enforcement just a few months back. Now, it’s taken its responsibility a step further in an attempt to get a handle on the situation.

Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit Formed to Tackle its Fake Goods Problem

Amazon has created a new division it calls the Counterfeit Crimes Unit. The new group’s mission is to identify bogus goods and remove fraudulent sellers from its immensely large and popular website. The team is composed of individuals like former federal prosecutors, experienced investigators, along with data analysts.

While the company already has anti-counterfeiting measures in-place, these are not effective enough to substantially address the problem. It’s so widespread, entire news exposes and documentaries have featured the ongoing issue Amazon has been grappling with for a number of years.

The new unit will work with law enforcement officials, brands, and others to find fake goods in order to remove bad actors from its platform.

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