October 1, 2022
Amazon Fire drops HBO Now support

Amazon Fire No Longer Supports HBO Now as 30 Percent of Subscribers haven’t Switched to HBO Max

Amazon Fire and HBO Now aren’t compatible anymore and there’s a complex reason as to why support has been pulled from the streaming platform…

Earlier this month, it was learned that the deal between WarnerMedia and Fire TV to keep HBO Now would expire within weeks. That day is here, with Amazon Fire dropping support for HBO Now. Although, there are still way HBO Now subscribers can still access its streaming content.

Amazon Fire Drops HBO Now Support

Today, HBO Now becomes just “HBO” and the app will remain available on other devices, including Roku. However, the HBO Go platform is now also retired, as planned by its parent company:

“Now that HBO Max has launched and is widely distributed, we can implement some significant changes to our app offering in the U.S. Most customers who have traditionally used HBO Go to stream HBO programming are now able to do so via HBO Max.”

Here’s the root of the problem. HBO Now users were supposed to transition over to HBO Max. But, approximately 30 percent haven’t made the switch from Now to Max. On top of that, during a Q2 earnings call, AT&T CEO John Stankey said:

“We’ve tried repeatedly to make HBO Max available to all customers using Amazon Fire devices, including those customers that have purchased HBO via Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon has taken an approach of treating HBO Max and its customers differently than how they’ve chosen to treat other services and their customers.”

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