February 28, 2021
Amazon Fire TV Now Supports YouTube Kids

Young Viewers can Now Watch YouTube Kids on Amazon Fire TVs

YouTube Kids is now on Amazon Fire televisions, offering more child-friendly content on additional streaming devices, with a new, dedicated app…

Families with Amazon Fire TVs now have another streaming choice for their homes — YouTube Kids. The Google child-friendly video hosting subsidiary now has a dedicated app for the Amazon entertainment devices. This, after the regular YouTube app returned to Fire TV, following a year-long absence due to an extended spat between the two companies.

Amazon Fire TV Now Supports YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids offers a substantial curated library of child-friendly content that’s separate from the main YouTube platform. Throughout its existence, YouTube Kids has endured considerable criticism and suffered from a number of scandals. Among the most notable was an instance when someone spliced suicide tips into a kids’ video.

The platform has had enough problems that it reportedly considered screening all content on the site. However, in the end, the CEO rejected the idea. Prior to that, Google mulled over the possibility of moving all children’s content off of YouTube proper to YouTube Kids.

The new YouTube Kids app for Amazon Fire TV comes with parental controls. These allow adults to either block entire channels or certain videos.

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