September 20, 2022
Amazon’s Plans for Former JCPenney and Sears Stores

Amazon might Repurpose Empty JCPenney and Sears Stores for these Two Future Needs

Amazon, faced with growing need for one particular purpose, and ambition for a future endeavor, might convert old mall anchor stores…

Online online retail giant Amazon is mulling over the possibility of transforming dying anchor stores, such as JCPenney and Sears, into something completely different. The one-stop e-commerce juggernaut is in talks with various mall properties, including Simon Properties, to take over empty spaces, according to a recent news report by the Wall Street Journal. However, the deals are far from being sealed but it is known what Amazon has in mind for the former retail locations.

Amazon’s Plans for Former JCPenney and Sears Stores

If the initiative materializes, Amazon would remake the unoccupied anchor spaces into fulfillment centers and low-cost, automated grocery stores. The first refitting purpose would obviously be to expand on its existing infrastructure, potentially cutting down shipping times and many parts of the country. The second repurposing would require a complete overhaul, bringing its nearly totally automated grocery concept to various locations around the country.

If an agreement is reached, it would be beneficial to both Amazon and shopping mall operators. Amazon would receive much-needed space for its logistics operations and future retail plans. Meanwhile, malls would surely benefit from paying tenants and otherwise empty or sparsely visited locations.

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