July 28, 2021
Amazon Now Sells Auto Insurance through Amazon Pay in India

Amazon is Now Selling Auto Insurance…because Why Not?

Amazon is a vast marketplace and it sells thousands upon thousands of items and now, it’s offering car insurance, of all things…

If it seems like there isn’t anything that can’t be found on Amazon, think again. There are many products and services which aren’t readily available. But, the e-commerce giant is assuredly aware of its shortcomings and so, it’s decided to enter the insurance industry. That’s right, Amazon is entering into the car insurance sector. Although, only in one particular market.

Amazon Now Sells Auto Insurance through Amazon Pay in India

Amazon will sell auto and motorbike insurance in India, through Amazon Pay, in cooperation with Acko General Insurance Ltd. The company states Amazon Prime members will receive some extra benefits, which include exclusive discounts. 

The company has streamlined the process so much, it claims it will take customers less than two minutes to get coverage. And, without any paperwork. Plus, it’s offering other perks, as well. Among them, paperless claims, one-hour pick-up, along with a short, three-day claim service. Amazon announced on its official India blog:

“Amazon Pay marked its foray in the insurance space by offering two and four-wheeler insurance policies, in partnership with Acko General Insurance Ltd. Customers can now purchase insurance in less than two minutes with no paperwork. Prime members get extra benefits including additional discounts.”

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