July 12, 2020
Amazon Prime Possibly Adding Linear Live Television

Amazon will Reportedly Add Live TV to its Prime Streaming Service

Amazon Prime is known for its on-demand content, but now, it appears the company is running the platform to also include live television…

Cord cutting is supposed to be an inexpensive alternative to paying for expensive, bulky cable packages. However, people are subscribing, on average, to two or three streaming services per month. While these usually cost less than a traditional cable bill, one of the sacrifices is the loss of live television. Although there are free services available, these usually feature older episodes of television series, and less than grade a film titles.

Amazon Prime Possibly Adding Linear, Live Television

Now, it looks like Amazon is about to jump into the live TV game, according to a recent news report and public job listings. Said job listings strongly suggest what would be necessary to build out a linear TV streaming option. (For those unfamiliar, linear TV is just another phrase for live television, also known as appointment television, because all programming is on a set schedule, rather than on-demand.)

Plus, the company is “actively pursuing” licensing deal for live, along with linear, television programming, according to Protocol. This would definitely be a huge step for its Prime subscription service. Of course, this would most likely push up the cost of the streaming plan. So, it will be interesting to see what happens.

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