November 25, 2021
Amazon Prime Video Adds Thursday Night Football On-Demand Replays

NFL Thursday Night Football will Return to Amazon Prime Video with a Real-Time Replay Option

Amazon Prime Video will again offer the NFL’s Thursday Night Football, starting tomorrow, and it comes with a handy new feature…

When TNF returns to Amazon Prime Video on October 8th, fans will have a new way to keep up with all the action. Starting with its continuation tomorrow night, if subscribers want to rewatch a segment of play, it won’t be necessary to wait for the broadcast to review the footage. Instead, it will be possible to rewatch the game’s top plays in real-time, thanks to the streaming service’s X-Ray functionality.

Amazon Prime Video Adds Thursday Night Football On-Demand Replays

Not only will viewers get to see the play unfold again, they’ll also be able to see stats specific to that particular play.  (These include things like running speeds, time to throw, and trivia, as well.) The X-Ray functionality is available by flipping an Android or iOS device. Or, by pressing the Up button on a Fire TV remote. Plus, it will also be accessible through the Prime Video web client later in the season.

What’s more, Amazon says that it will enhance some of the features it previously built out in past seasons of Thursday Night Football. For instance, viewers will have the option to select between different groups of announcers. 

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