September 16, 2022
Amazon Prime Video Channels to Lose HBO Access Next Year Report Claims

Amazon Prime Subscribers will Lose Access to this Big Network Next Year, Report Says

Amazon Prime Video customers won’t have access to this popular network’s content for very long, as it sets to pivot to another service…

Next year, Amazon will no longer offer HBO as a standalone Prime Video Channel, according to a recent report by CNBC. Currently, the company offers HBO as a channel subscription for the low cost of $15 per month to customers who access programming through Fire TV. But, Amazon’s present agreement with WarnerMedia will expire in 2021 and it will reportedly retire the channel altogether.

Amazon Prime Video Channels to Lose HBO Access Next Year, Report Claims

The reason for its phase out is due to WarnerMedia’s plan to push HBO Max, making it the only point of entry for streaming subscribers. (HBO Max became available on Amazon’s Fire TV platform only a few days ago, nearly six months after its delayed debut launch due to negotiation issues between the companies.) HBO Max offers everything its predecessor does and will premier Wonder Woman 1984 in December. 

“Consumers who purchased HBO through Amazon Channels will be able to log in to HBO Max for no extra charge through the HBO Max application. Legacy HBO will remain in the Channels store until its agreement — which is separate from the HBO Max deal — expires next year.”

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