September 28, 2020
Amazon Prime Video User Profiles Finally Debut

Amazon has Finally Added Viewer Profiles to its Prime Video Streaming Service

After years of being conspicuously absent, Amazon Prime Video now offers user profiles on its streaming service, including a kid’s profile…

Amazon might have launched its Prime video streaming platform back in September of 2006, about thirteen years ago, but it lacked one feature that’s common to its peers. Now, it’s finally available for the very first time for subscribers to enjoy in their accounts.

Amazon Prime Video User Profiles Finally Debut

Amazon has added user profiles to its Prime video service, which allow customers to create multiple identities for a single account. It supports up to five profiles, over and above the primary default profile. And, it includes a Kid’s profile for children who are 12 years old or younger.

Now, it’s no longer necessary to tolerate others infecting your recommendations or mucking up your watch feed and/or history. Instead, as many as six individuals can set their own profiles, making for more personalized experiences.

The new Amazon Prime Video viewer profiles are available on Android, iOS, 10th generation or newer Fire tablets, current generation Apple TV boxes, as well as Chromecast. Additionally, although present, but without management tools are screen-equipped Alexa devices, Fire TV home screens, along with some other smart televisions.

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