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Amazon Prime Video just Added this New Feature, about a Month after Hulu Started Testing It

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party Feature Rolls Out

Credit: UX Collective

Amazon has introduced a new Watch Party option on Prime Video, probably not coincidentally about a month after rival Hulu began experimenting with the same…

Just about a month ago, Hulu started tinkering around with a ‘watch party’ tool. Now, Amazon Prime Video is going ahead with the same feature, in a beta release in the US. It allows up to one-hundred participants to join in and watch a synchronized playback of a movie or television show. 

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party Feature Rolls Out

The new Amazon Prime Video Watch Party option not only supports up to 100 people, it also includes a chat window that sports stickers, of course. Playback is controlled by the host but there’s no word if participants will have any control. However, it’s already starting to become available and all viewers must be located in the US and have an active Prime subscription.

To try it out (assuming it’s enabled), just go into the Amazon Prime Video app. Then, select a movie or a television show. Look for the Watch Party button. From there, invite others to watch and chat during the episode or film. 

Credit: Amazon / The Next Web
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