June 15, 2021
Amazon Prime video streaming quality reduction

Amazon Follows Netflix, Announcing it’s Reducing Prime Video Streaming Quality to Lessen the Impact on Broadband Networks

Ecommerce and media giant Amazon has announced it is diminishing streaming quality for Prime Video, following Netflix’s lead…

Just yesterday, Netflix let it be known that it would condense its video streaming quality in Europe for thirty days in order to lighten the load on internet networks. Now, Amazon says it will do much the same to lessen the amount of traffic on the web as the coronavirus outbreak results in more teleworking, business closures, and more.

Amazon Reduces Prime Video Streaming Quality to Lessen Demand on Broadband Networks

Amazon will not only slow streaming speeds, it will do so in more than one region. Netflix is doing so in Europe, at the request of the governments there, but Amazon will degrade streaming quality in various territories where Prime Video is available. Currently, Amazon’s Prime program has over 150 million subscribers worldwide, while Prime Video is available in more than 200 countries.

The strain on broadband networks substantially increases as more people opt or are required to stay at home. In fact, ratings company Nielsen estimates that people staying at home “can lead to almost a 60 percent increase in the amount of content we watch in some cases and potentially more depending on the reasons.”

A spokesperson for Amazon tells theĀ UK Guardian the following:

“We support the need for careful management of telecom services to ensure they can handle the increased internet demand with so many people now at home full-time due to Covid-19. Prime Video is working with local authorities and internet service providers where needed to help mitigate any network congestion.”

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