February 27, 2021
Amazon restaurant delivery service

Amazon Shuts Down its Restaurant Delivery Service in the UK as Rivals UberEats and GrubHub Continue On

Amazon restaurant delivery service in the United Kingdom comes to an end but it will still continue in the US, after a two-year run…

Just two years after its debut in London, Amazon’s restaurant delivery service comes to an end. Competition from Deliveroo, UberEats, and GrubHub have proven worthy challengers. Amazon confirmed the shut down in the Evening Standard, which ceases operation on Monday, December 3rd.

Amazon Restaurant Delivery Service Ended in the UK

The Amazon restaurant delivery service got its start in the United States back in 2014. It gave hungry consumers yet another option for freshly-made meals, cooked up by local eateries for convenient home delivery.

The service first opened in Seattle and then expanded to other U.S. cities. In 2016, it came to London, promising deliveries from more than 100 restaurants. Orders over £15 were free at first, later replaced by a flat fee of £1.99.

But now, customers are receiving an email which reads in-part, “…you will no longer be able to order from Amazon Restaurants UK after Monday, 3rd December.”

Although it is still available in the United States, it doesn’t appear the service has or will widely catch-on with consumers. This, even as other Prime member services, like Prime Pantry and Whole Foods drop-off are doing quite well.

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