July 3, 2022
Amazon Room Decorator AR Shopping Tool Debuts for iOS and Desktop

Amazon’s Most Recent AR Shopping Tool can Fill a Room with Virtual Furniture

Amazon has a new augmented reality furniture shopping tool that works with thousands of items on iOS and its desktop website…

There’s a new shopping tool from Amazon. And, it does something its predecessor couldn’t do at all. It’s called “Room Decorator,” and it will fill a space with virtual furniture. It’s currently supported on iOS and desktop browsers. What’s more, the new augmented reality feature will let users store pictures of their homes so they can use the tool remotely, as well.

Amazon Room Decorator AR Shopping Tool Debuts for iOS and Desktop

Amazon’s new Room Decorator will work with thousands of furniture products, including some third-party items. For those already using Amazon’s shopping app, they’ll see a “View in Your Room” option that resides right below any eligible piece of furniture. Any saved layouts will be stored in the “Your Rooms” section in people’s Amazon account. Moreover, Amazon will email a link for quick reference.

Amazon released a similar augmented reality tool back in 2017. However, it could only support viewing one item within a space at a time. Room Decorator is already going live but it will take a few weeks before its available to all shoppers in the United States.

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