September 9, 2021
Amazon Urges Echo Buds Owners to Update Firmware to Avoid Overheating Risk

Amazon Warns Echo Buds Consumers to Immediately Update their Firmware to Avoid Overheating

Amazon has sent out an email, prompting its Echo Buds customers to update the device’s firmware, in order to avoid overheating…

Echo Buds owners are receiving an email from Amazon that instructs them to update the firmware. This action is a necessity, because not doing so posses a risk of the earpieces overheating. While the warning does state the possibility, it does not go into any detail. So, it’s unknown what the issue is, whether it’s smoking, catching fire, melting, or simply being too hot to wear.

Amazon Urges Echo Buds Owners to Update Firmware to Avoid Overheating Risk

Amazon investigated the problem after being alerted by a customer report. The owner stated the devices wearing overheating while in their case. So far, there’s only been a handful of incidents, without any reported injuries. Which makes it seem like more of a nuisance rather than a serious safety hazard. 

Any Amazon Echo Buds owners should check to ensure they’re running firmware 318119151 or above. This is done by opening the Alexa app and going to Devices > Echo and Alexa > Echo Buds > About. To update them, place them in the case. Ensure they’re connected to Bluetooth and are at least at a 30 percent charge. Then, close the case’s lid and keep within Bluetooth range for 30 minutes.

The email sent out by Amazon, reads, in-part:

“We recently determined that in rare cases it’s possible for Echo Buds to overheat while in the charging case.”

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