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Analyst Sounds the Alarm on Netflix being Unable to Survive the Arrival of Disney+

Netflix Disney Plus competition


Netflix will face an uphill battle come November, when Disney launches its Disney+ streaming service, the editor of RiskHedge Report warns…

Stephen McBride is giving Netflix just 174 days to pull off a miracle for the streaming service to survive. That coincides with the coming launch of Disney+, scheduled to debut on the 12th of November.

McBride reasons the media, theme park, and hospitality giant will essentially wipe out the top name in video streaming.

Analyst Warns Netflix Investors about Disney Plus

There’s no question Netflix has indeed changed how people watch television shows and movies alike. But, McBride points out, Netflix hasn’t changed what consumers most like to watch.

Last year, American consumers between 22 and 45 years of age, watched a total of zero of hours of cable TV. Nearly 35 million have cut their cable subscriptions in the past decade alone.

While that’s good for Netflix now, it won’t have access to the biggest blockbusters. Disney owns Marvel, Pixar Animations, Star Wars, ESPN, National Geographic, Modern Family, and The Simpsons. It’s also behind four of the five highest earning flicks of last year.

And, Disney Plus is coming in at $6.99 per month, about half the price of the median tier Netflix subscription.

McBride believes Netflix could potential lose millions of subscribers. Although, the average consumer subscribes to 3.4 streaming services. At the very least, it remains to be seen how the current king of streaming will handle a very formidable competitor.

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