November 27, 2021
Android 10 YouTube dark theme

Dark Mode for YouTube on Android 10 Starts to Emerge

An Android 10 YouTube dark theme is slowing beginning to show up, in what appears to be a server-side switch, for mobile devices…

Although it’s taken substantial time to implement different features and change design languages, dark modes are becoming more ubiquitous. Now, with the release of Android 10, a proper dark theme is beginning to automatically appear.

YouTube is the latest platform to adopt a true dark mode, deployed via Android 10, in what seems like a server-side switch.

Android 10 YouTube Dark Theme begins to Appear

With the adoption of the Android 10 dark theme, users can choose from three options: “Use device theme,” “Light theme,” and “Dark theme.”

The choices allow users to select their preferences, especially helpful for users who switch between themes and/or don’t like the look of a specific app.

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