April 8, 2021
Android ad stuffing

Scammers are Using a Clever Ad Stuffing Trick to make Money while Draining Phone Batteries

Android ad stuffing is yet another way scammers can make even more money, often at the expense of mobile device battery life…

Although consumers most associate Google with its search portal and even hardware, its biggest revenue comes from advertising. Like Facebook and other well-known sites, Google remains largely an advertising company.

Android Ad Stuffing Scam causes Device Battery Drain as Scammers Profit

Indeed, digital advertising is a multi-billion dollar business. So, it come as no surprise there are people who seek to cash-in using shady tactics. Enter Android and its millions upon millions of users.

One way to funnel money from ad views is through a practice known as “Android ad stuffing.” This is done by purchasing relatively inexpensive banner ads and then packing multiple video ads underneath.

By placing several ads behind a visible banner ad, it allows for numerous impressions. In other words, when users click on these types of banner-stuffed ads, clicks for all the underlying adverts are then registered.

And, the cost to the average device owner is a big battery drain. Because apps and other interfaces contain these stacked ads, data is more heavily consumed, and that means more power drawn from batteries.

This leads to bad user experience, which can cast a negative impression on an otherwise pleasing and useful experience.

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