November 3, 2022
Android Auto reaches 100 million downloads

Android Auto Hits 100 Million Play Store Installs before it Transitions Over to Google Assistant’s Upcoming Driving Mode

The Android Auto standalone mobile app now has 100 million downloads from Google Play, before it eventually integrates into Assistant Driving Mode…

Five years after its initial release, the Android Auto mobile app has hit a milestone — it’s been installed from the Play Store 100 million times, according to Android Police

Android Auto Reaches 100 Million Downloads from the Google Play Store

Android Auto now claims 100 million downloads, but that’s still far away from some of the more popular applications, which boast 1 billion or more. 

The mobile app first surpassed 50 million installs back in October of last year. However, it might not make to to 150 or 200 million before it’s folded into the Google Assistant’s Driving Mode.

Android Auto now has more than one hundred-million installs, something that’s impressive, given its limited applications. (For instance, it doesn’t come pre-installed on most Android devices and only supports a limited number of car infotainment systems.)

Additionally, Google has previously made public its intention to depreciate the standalone Android Auto app in its entirety.

That’s right, the mobile download won’t be around sometime in the future. Instead, users will rely on Google Assistant to pull off the same functionality.

Although, Google hasn’t stated when it will sunset the standalone Android Auto app, but it is known Assistant will take over.

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