July 4, 2022
Android Auto Facebook Messenger Notification Support Broken

Android Auto is Glitching Facebook Messenger Notifications

Android Auto has a new glitch that stops Facebook Messenger notifications and chats from coming through the navigation platform…

Android Auto is no stranger to bugs and the latest one is no longer working with one of the biggest and most popular chat apps – Facebook Messenger. It’s only been a recent phenomenon but that causes the app not to recognize when notifications come in or being able to read conversations aloud. However, opening Facebook’s Messenger app on Android Auto continues to function as it normally would.

Android Auto Facebook Messenger Notification Support Broken

Naturally, some people have taken to social media and online forums to voice their frustrations. Most appear to blame the issue on the most recent Android Auto update, stating the bug popped up after the update was installed. So, to them, it seems like a straight line from working to buggy and the only change was an update to Android Auto to break Facebook’s Messenger functionality.

Google’s navigation system isn’t perfect, but it is among the most reliable and easy to use. Although, these types of issues do crop up from time to time and hopefully the software giant will work quickly to resolve this latest issue to make Facebook Messenger work again through Android Auto.

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