June 23, 2022
Android Auto Google Maps interface new buttons

Google Maps UI Inside Android Auto Gain New, Helpful Shortcuts

The Google Maps access point within Android Auto now has a few new helpful shortcuts, making it more practical in function…

Google recently rolled out a huge overhaul of Android Auto. But, it appears the tech company isn’t quite done tweaking the app. Many people have reported seeing new icons inside the Google Maps interface, according to Android Police.

Android Auto Google Maps Interface Introduces Helpful New Buttons

There are now four new buttons in the UI, replacing the previous lone one. In past versions, only the Settings button appeared in the bottom left.

However, Google has introduced four new shortcuts, including a search button, a destination icon, an alternate routes option, and a three-dot menu.

Although this does take up more screen real estate, it does provide users with more helpful tools in a handy location.

Just last week, Google added an Android Auto app upgrade option to the Settings menu inside the app. This, even after Google leaked its plans to ditch the standalone Android Auto app in favor of moving its functions over to Google Assistant Driving Mode.

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