November 2, 2022
Android Auto Losing Google Play Music Support

Google is Killing Off Yet another Avenue to Listen to Google Play Music

Google isn’t quite yet through with it’s total shut down of Google Play Music and is removing support from another popular source…

It’s been known for some time now that Google will officially retire Google Play Music in favor of successor YouTube Music. Only weeks ago, the tech giant removed GPM from two sources. Now, the company is doing much the same, pulling the streaming service from yet another very popular application. Google is killing off support for GPM on Android Auto

Android Auto Losing Google Play Music Support

Although the tech entity has removed GPM from a number of places thus far, Android Auto still has the capability to use it. But, not for long. With GPM scheduled to go away for good next month, Google is wiping out all instances where it exists. One problem the company faces is that GPM users generally don’t like YTM and are procrastinating transitioning over. As a result, Google is telling anyone who hasn’t made the switch to do so as soon as possible:

“We’ve noticed that you haven’t transferred your members to YouTube Music yet. Within the next few weeks, we’ll be canceling your Google Play Music membership and benefits. We will send you a confirmation once completed. To keep your members and benefits at your existing price, transfer to YouTube Music right now.”

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