November 9, 2022
Android Auto No Longer Displaying Notifications from Android Phones

Android Auto has Another Strange Problem that Google just Can’t Explain

Android Auto is experiencing yet another weird issue — it’s not showing notifications for messages coming in from Android phones…

Only last week, Google confirmed that it was looking into an annoying bug that’s causing lag times in Android Auto’s response time. Now, the tech company has another problem on its hands. That being — for some strange reason — Android Auto isn’t displaying message notifications originating from Android devices. Meanwhile, communications coming in from Apple products and Facebook services are showing up just fine.

Android Auto No Longer Displaying Notifications from Android Phones

Complicating the situation is that phones powering Android Auto displays¬†do show the messages as usual. However, they aren’t transferring over to Android Auto or Android Automotive. Several people have taken to online forums to complain about the problem, saying they’re experiencing the same glitch:

“Same issue. All messages from Fb Messenger and iPhone users are coming through but not other Android users. Really annoying seeing its setup for Android users. You would think it would work.”

It’s a very odd quirk but one that’s happening, nonetheless. The good news is that Google is aware of the issue and is looking into the root causes. Although there’s an update coming soon, it probably won’t include a fix for this particular problem.

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