November 4, 2022
Android Auto Reaches 500 Million Downloads from the Google Play Store

Android Auto Surpasses 500 Million Installs from the Google Play Store

Android Auto now counts more than half a billion downloads from the Google Play Store, making is one of the most popular in-car entertainment options…

Despite not historically coming preinstalled on most Android mobile devices, Android Auto has managed to rack-up over 500 million installs from the Google Play Store. (Recently, it now does come already installed.)

This is an immense benchmark, but is obviously in-part, due to the platform being integrated into so many late model vehicles. Therefore, it makes sense that drivers would opt to pair their mobile devices with their vehicles.

Android Auto Reaches 500 Million Downloads from the Google Play Store

Android Auto offers the most essential features when enabled — music, navigation, along with voice calling and hands-free texting. Even if a vehicle isn’t equipped with a display supporting the platform, it can still be used on a mounted phone or a tablet.

Plus, it includes Google Maps, which is considered the most accurate and robust navigation tool available to the public. Moreover, it does not require user touch to change media, get directions, or voice calling and texting. Instead, voice commands allow people to stay entertained, find their way, or communicate while keeping their attention on the road.

Android Auto first debuted in June 2014 at Google I/O, and was released in March of 2015. 

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