December 8, 2021
Android Auto music and messaging updates

Android Auto Now makes It Easier to Find Music and Go through Messages with Less Distractions while Driving

New Android Auto music and messaging updates make finding communications and tunes a lot easier but also help cut down on distracted driving…

Google is releasing updates for its Android Auto app over the next several days. These include ways to find music and communicating with others simpler:

“…we’ve added new Android Auto features that make your drives even more simple, personal and helpful—including easier access to your favorite content with improved media browse and search features, plus new ways to stay connected with visual message previews and group messaging.”

These new options work with a variety of apps, including Google Play Books, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts, and Spotify.

Android Auto Updates Messaging, Music Play Easier

There’s a big change to the music interface, as well: 

“By bringing content to the forefront of your screen, you can now spend less time browsing and more time enjoying the content you like most. An improved layout, featuring large album art views, lets you quickly identify and select something to play.”

Android Auto users can also trigger the “OK Google” command to find certain tracks, genres, and more. For instance, can say “OK  Google, play Pink Floyd,” or “OK Google, play 90s music.”

Credit: Google

Google also brought changes to Android Auto messaging. It will now display previews of messages over other apps. But, the previews only appear at stops. Additionally, the company will expand its support from SMS to MMS and RCS.

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