April 9, 2021
Android BlueFrag security vulnerability

Phones Running these Versions of Android are Susceptible to Hackers Sending Malware over Bluetooth Connections

Mobile devices running certain versions of Android are at-risk of hackers remotely installing malware by exploiting Bluetooth connections…

Anyone who’s using a not-so-recent Android phone should check for a software update. Or, perhaps strongly consider upgrading their device to a newer model running a newer version of the Google mobile operating system. That’s because at least a couple of older versions are open to malware attacks through Bluetooth.

Android BlueFrag Security Vulnerability allows Hackers to Install Malware over Bluetooth

Security researchers at ERNW have detailed a vulnerability, called BlueFrag. Basically, it can serve as a way for attackers to clandestinely deliver and deploy malware — and steal data — from nearby phones running Android 8 Oreo or Android 9 Pie. 

To accomplish this digital OTA break-in, all that’s needed is the Bluetooth MAC address of the target victim’s phone. Of course, it’s relatively simple to guess by just looking at the WiFi MAC address. What’s more, the attack goes on without the device owner even knowing it’s happening to their phone.

Fortunately, there’s a fix. Simply download and install the February 2020 security patch. Or, switch over to a phone that’s running Android 10, which doesn’t work with BlueFrag.

At this time, it’s unknown whether or not phones running versions older than Android 8 are also susceptible to the security flaw. 

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