December 9, 2021
Android Chrome

Android Chrome 59 Page Load Time Up to 20 Percent Faster

Google Android Chrome 59 page load time renders sites p to 20 percent faster, using an updated V8 JavaScript, and includes minor security improvements……

Google just launched Android Chrome 59 and it boasts some great user experience tweaks. Android Chrome version 59.0.3071.92, now available on Google Play, features faster page load times, up to 20 percent quicker.

Android Chrome 59 Page Load Time Up to 20 Percent Faster

Google states this iteration is up to 20 faster due to the development of a new metric which better quantifies real-world usage. Additionally, Android Chrome includes animated PNG support or APNGs. These are similar to GIFs but sport a higher quality, supporting 24-bit image, along with 8-bit transparency. By comparison, Mozilla supported animated PNGs since Firefox version 3 and Apple introduced APNG support in iMessages with iOS 10.

The newest version of Android Chrome likewise contains standard performance and stability improvements, as well as a new image capture API, giving web pages increased control over mobile device cameras. The new image capture API gives pages the ability to switch between detected cameras, active the flash, adjust zoom, and focus.

Android Chrome also uses less memory, making it more efficient and saving a bit more battery. Additionally, the latest version of the mobile browser contains a few minor security improvements. For example, pages containing iFrames, can no longer send notifications.

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