November 26, 2021
Android Chrome clipboard direct image copy feature spotted

Chrome for Android Might Soon be Able to Directly Copy Images to the Clipboard

Chrome for Android could soon give its users the power to copy and paste images directly to their mobile device clipboards…

The Chrome browser for Android already sports a number of useful features. Many of which have made their way over from desktop. Now, it appears another is about to join — the ability to directly copy images to mobile device clipboards.

Android Chrome Clipboard Direct Image Copy Feature Spotted

The Android Chrome browser could support direct clipboard image copying in the not-too-distant future. It might follow the newly-updated share sheet, screenshot editor, and other improvements that rolled out near the end of 2019.

It’s certainly a handy option, as long as users don’t clear their clipboards. Plus, it will allow people to share copied images across multiple apps when desired.

So far, it’s limited, only being found on Chrome Gerrit commits. XDA-Developers have also attempted to delve into it. As with any new feature, it may or may not eventually work its way out to the public. Right now, the option is only in the experimental phase.

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