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Android Users can Now Sign In with their Fingerprint through Chrome without a Password

Android Chrome fingerprint sign-in

Credit: Forbes

Google introduces a new way to sign-in through Chrome for Android without entering passwords, using fingerprints instead…

Here’s yet another step toward abandoning passwords to login to websites and more. Google is currently rolling out an option to sign-in with fingerprints on Chrome for Android.

Android Chrome Fingerprint Authentication Replaces Passwords

The new Android Chrome fingerprint authentication feature will run on phones with version 7.0 or higher. And, will begin to go live “over the next few days.”

Not only will the option work for websites and more, it will also apply to unlock mobile devices, right alongside pin and pattern unlocking.

It’s worth noting there are several Android phones which already let owners use their fingerprints to authenticate Google Pay purchases and more. What makes this different is it works within the Chrome browser app.

To see the new feature in-action, simply open the Chrome app on an Android device and head over to Tap on a saved password and this will trigger a “Verify that it’s you” prompt.

Google and other tech companies continue their quest to move away from passwords because these present so many security concerns. Of course, fingerprints are much more secure way of authenticating identity. 

Credit: Google
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