December 9, 2021
Android Chrome Google Search Dark Mode Code Spotted

Chrome for Android Might Soon Sport a Dark Theme for Google Search Results

Google may add a dark theme to its search results page or SERP on mobile, a newly discovered flag in Chrome for Android reveals…

Prior to the release of Android 10, Google has been working steadily to bring dark mode to many of its apps and services. (This is especially true when it comes to Android.) Now, it appears Chrome on Android will expand the list, particularly for the Google homepage and for its search results page, as the application already contains a dark theme.

Android Chrome Google Search Dark Mode Code Spotted

Right now, any page equipped with a dark mode will render that way on Chrome for Android, as well as the New Tab page and the Discover Feed. But, it’s notably absent on the homepage of, and it also doesn’t exist on the SERP or search engine results page, either.

Now, an update on the Chromium source code repository reveals that a dark mode might just make its way to those two pages. The new code is a new flag that contains the following description:

Show the dark SRP for Chrome Android

If enabled, users will see a darkened search results page if Chrome is in night mode as well.


This is a pretty straightforward indication that the search giant is indeed preparing to add a dark theme to the search results page on Chrome for Android. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee the feature will make it to wide release. But, it does show that Google is cognizant of its absence on its homepage and SERP.

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