September 10, 2021
Android Chrome home button

All Android Devices Might Support the Chrome Home Button

The elusive Android Chrome home button might just make its way to all mobile devices, being recently spotted in an APK teardown…

Chrome for Android sometimes displays the home button on mobile devices, but not all, depending on which manufacture (and model). It’s not consistent across devices. But, that might change in the future.  In an APK teardown, XDA Developers uncovered a new flag (#force-enable-home-page-button).

Android Chrome Home Button Flag Appears in Developer, Canary Versions

This flag enables the home button whether or not a device runs the ChromeCustomizations APK. It only appears in the latest build of Chrome for Android on Canary, so it’s not part of every iteration yet. (It does allow the user to set the homepage of choice, just as when OEMs turn it on.)

Here’s a screenshot:

Android Chrome home button
Credit: Android Police

At this time, it’s unknown if Google will bring it to the stable release, but it probably won’t arrive in the next version. As always, experimental flags are just that and may or may not make their way to wide release.